Vans Cleaners and Alterations - Quality, Service, Value

     With over 20 years of alteration experience from simple alteration to major alterations, Vans can make your 
     cloths look like they were made just for you. 
     In addition to alterations on pants, jeans, suits, shirts, dresses and more, Vans can offer custom alteration 
     creations to suit your special needs or occasions. 
     Familiar with jean, knit, silk, cotton, cotton blends, leather, fur and more altering your clothes for a custom look 
     is Vans specialty. 

     All work is performed onsite to provide quality results with minimal turnaround time. 
     Making efforts to stay on top of current fashion and materials Vans works to provide results that help you to 
     stay on top of the current trends or become a trendsetter.
     Vans can help create those alterations that help make you look and feel your best. 

We look forward to seeing you today!