Vans Cleaners and Alterations - Quality, Service, Value

     Vans Cleaners and Alterations handles simple to advanced tailoring needs. Van’s has over 20 years 
     of servicing men’s tailored suits, jackets, pants, coats, ties and more. 

     All work is done onsite to provide quality results with minimal turnaround time.

     Hand stitched tailoring to machine tailored seams create a high quality look. Vans takes pride in our tailored 
     work and knows the importance of making men’s cloths look great in the office, the board room and on your 
     free time.

     Vans extensive knowledge of tailored style and fabrics and our efforts to keep up to date on current men’s 
     fashion and materials makes us a perfect choice for your tailored suits, tailored shirts, pants, jackets, ties and 

     Van’s creates the tailored look you want and the performance you need to be your best all the time. 

We look forward to seeing you today!